What's Trending

We're starting a new blog series featuring top industry trends called nothing better than; What's Trending! This month we thought we'd start with a space that everyone has a love-hate relationship with; Kitchens! Any Kitchen project is an undertaking! There are lots of decisions, constant inconveniences & the cost is, well, A LOT. It is also often the hub of a home, and a space we want to get just right!

With that we thought we'd share nine trends we're seeing steadily in the marketplace. We'll start with one of our favorites, banquette seating. We've used banquette seating in previous projects! We like it because it's comfortable and maximizes your space & seating options. Similarly, floor-to-ceiling storage does the same! It uses up all those dusty corners, and maximizes your space for small appliances, those holiday sets, and odd shaped-large serving pieces.

We love the look of the built-in sink! We think it will replace the apron front farmhouse sink in trend. It's a statement look that still has the large spacing of a farmhouse sink. While the built-in sink is fairly new, we've been using integrated appliances for years! Appliances have come a long way in looks, but the integrated finish gives a kitchen a nice crisp and elevated look.

A few other things on our list you'll probably recognize; classic hardware and veined marble. Both of these styles aren't groundbreaking. They are timeless looks that are still trending today because they still work! Pair these with a matte finish cabinet, and you've added a new spin to your kitchen that's new but still a classic look!

Thinking you'd rather funk it up a bit, Terrazzo countertops may be more your style! Terrazzo is a bit of an ode to the 90's for us, but so are the clothing trends these days. Pair it with a backsplash shelf and a cabinet with a matte finish, and you've designed yourself a modern mix kitchen. Speaking of backsplash shelf, this concept is a reinvention of open shelving. If you love your countertop slab and like a seamless look, this could be the route for you! It's great in a gallery kitchen or for someone with a minimalist style.

We hope this quick run-down has given you some starting points and inspiration for your next Kitchen project. Still have questions, we're always here to help! ;)

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